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The Positive Gossip Revolution is a movement for Britain to effect POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE.

It is a revolution to turn the tide of the predominantly negative conversations and aspects of our society and to create nurturing and up-lifting communities in which to live.


  • As an INDIVIDUAL: please sign the support form and help the revolution to grow. Read the principles below and DOWNLOAD your copy so that you can change your corner of the world.
  • ORGANISATIONS AND SCHOOLS: please sign the support form, check out ‘Positive Gossip in the Workplace’ or ‘Positive Gossip in School’, and print out the certificate to show you support the cause – hang it where it can be seen.



Positive Gossip in Workplace
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Positive Gossip in Education
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Positive Gossip in Community
What can you do?


Promote a ‘Positive Gossip’ culture within our communities. Address the balance by praising and complimenting those around us more. Focus on the good things in life and the best traits in the people around us, so reversing the negativity that surrounds us every day. Use the ‘T.H.I.N.K. before we speak’ method as a guide (see below).

Create positive working environments that highlight and address the damage that gossip, idle talk and rumour do within organisations.  Reverse the mental and emotional harm gossip and verbal abuse do within our schools colleges and universities by tackling the issue and root cause of bullying: teach our younger generation to be kind, to talk positively and to accept difference in others.

Encourage, promote and nurture our younger generation by focusing on their innate skills and talents. Support their sense of expression. Praise the good so often they come to believe in themselves and grow the inner resilience they need to handle life’s challenges.


  • Focus on what’s going well in your life.
  • Choose to have more positive conversations with family, friends colleagues and neighbours – focus on and highlight their positive traits?
  • Give a well-meaning compliment to someone every day.
  • Take the time to notice the beauty in nature around you – our planet is an awesome place to be!
  • Take time every week to put your needs first – do something you enjoy.
  • Praise and uplift the children around you, even if they are not yours.
  • Look at your copy of the PGR Pledge every day to remind yourself of what you can do to improve your own life and that of those around you.

Meet Shelley Harris Discover the Vision Behind The Positive Gossip Revolution

My Why?

Over the past few years, I’ve been dismayed by the amount of negative conversations going on around me. People tend to focus on the negative part of life and the negative characteristics of the people around them. It appears it has become our culture’s dominant theme. Negative conversations are everywhere: at the supermarket, at the bus stop and at work.

I don’t see many people focusing on the good anymore.  As someone that has suffered with severe mental health issues in the past, I know how this negativity makes it harder when you are trying to get well. The negative aspects of our society take up the majority of our news whether on TV, in the papers or on the radio – it’s everywhere, and it has an impact on us, our feelings and the way we view the world and the people around us.

During my research, I was shocked by how many teenage suicides were due to malicious gossip spread by mouth and by comments on social media. It has almost become the norm and is on the increase.

I want to change our culture and teach our children by example so that they become the best leaders for our future. We can be the role models; they will be responsible for our future change.

Founder of The Positive Gossip Revolution

Shelley Harris

Founder of The Positive Gossip Revolution

My Vision

I want to live in a society where positivity is dominant, where communities are happy places and people are understanding and tolerant. I want to live in a nation where the majority of people are happy and feel supported from all angles whether by their family, in their workplace, their school, college, university or community. I want to live in a world where people feel good about themselves and feel valued by others, where kindness is our norm.

I want to see our communities thrive. If positivity and kindness could dominate and our nation become nurturing, few people would suffer because of eating disorders, bullying and depression and few would turn to suicide or crime out of desperation.

With your help we can create a ripple effect. Together we can change our lives and the lives of others for the better, where the word UNITED in ‘United Kingdom’ comes to be what our society stands for.

Supporters of the Positive Gossip Revolution