Positive Gossip In Your Organisation Create a Happy Environment in Your Workplace

Is your organisation a happy place to work and be?
Do you have an environment that is conducive to getting the best from your employees?
Positive Gossip in The Workplace can help you achieve this.


  •  Create a positive environment for employees 
  •  Help employees become more productive, increasing profit
  •  Improve the reputation of your company within the community



I have written a Gossip and Bullying Policy. It doesn’t have to be legally binding but something you choose to adopt. It sends a good message to your employees about their wellbeing as well as to the wider community about the type of company you are and your values, helping to attract the most talented and best workers to your organisation.  Wellbeing is a big topic right now and the government has guidelines for organisations in order to create a stable and enjoyable place for all to work.

Your First Steps

Download the policy

Distribute it to your teams as an extension of your own Bullying Policy.

Print out the certificate

To hang in a prominent position for all to see, to show your allegiance to the POSITIVE GOSSIP REVOLUTION MOVEMENT.

Order The Booklet

Order copies of the Positive Gossip Booklet to distribute to your teams and / or employees. (Coming soon: check the website for updates.)

Print Out

The Life Principles and adopt them as a guide for your employees and your company values


30.7 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2017/18 (Labour Force Survey). 

Check out the summary of the statistics on the Working Days Lost page of the HSE website

Happy employees are more productive and that translates into financial gain and bigger profits. When employees feel looked after and valued by employers they are more likely to go the extra mile. During my interviews with employees that were bullied at work, or were the subject of negative gossip, they frequently reported that their work production decreased and they did the minimum required to get by. They often expressed having a sense of apathy towards their employer, that not feeling valued had an effect on their mental health and that they took more time off work. 

The larger the organisation is, the harder it is to keep a check on gossip or bullying. In fact during my research I found that ‘gossip’ was rarely tackled but instead ignored; many managers did not know how to deal with it.  I’m sure you have a bullying policy but does it include gossip? Gossip and rumour outside the workplace can also damage a company’s reputation.

Check out this link its important information for organisations from the government’s Health and Safety Executive:


Positive Gossip Revolution The Future

As individuals, we all have personal challenges that can impact our work and productivity. PGR materials and practices can:

  • Help employees cope better with stress
  • Help employees to become happier and more resilient in life
  • Help employees find a balance between home and work

To implement this, book one of the following: (check website for updates)

Personal Resilience and Happiness ( taster session) Stress Management
Personal coaching for individual employees to aid resilience, manage stress, aid personal responsibility and help them to feel in control during life’s challenges.

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